Our Numeracy program aims to develop students who understand and use numbers confidently in a variety of contexts. We want our students to make connections between the big mathematical ideas and be able to explain their thinking. Our program provides opportunities for students to apply their knowledge to real life situations and persist in trying different ways to solve something. Most of all, we want our students to enjoy mathematics.



Each week, all students are involved in ‘toolbox’ and ‘investigations’ lessons with individual lessons following the ‘launch-explore-summarise’ structure. Students are encouraged to learn from others, use hands-on materials whenever they need to and persist when answers are not immediately obvious.



The implementation of the numeracy program is supported by the Numeracy AIP Team, made up of teachers from each year level across the school. This team engages in professional learning and ensures that there is consistency across the school. All class teachers are part of the long-term professional learning partnership with the Mathematical Association of Victoria. Our MAV coach models and provides feedback on teaching approaches to ensure our program is based on current research and ‘best practice’. This enables our teaching staff to continually improve their practice.