The school canteen is open for lunch orders every day, with counter sales at recess and lunch.

 We have a variety of items on our menus which are consistent with the Dietary Guidelines for Australia. A new menu is distributed at the start of each term.

Contact the Canteen 9499 2171 ext 238

The canteen roster is published weekly in the bulletin.

The canteen aims to encourage good eating habits, promote the immediate and long term health of all students as well as provide an opportunity for students to manage small amounts of money.

A part time canteen manager is employed and voluntary support is provided by parents. If you are able to help in the canteen at any time, please notify the School Office or the canteen manager.

Hours and Counter Sales:
The Canteen operates daily from 9.30am to 1pm. It is open for counter sales at morning recess and lunchtime when students can buy a range of items.

Ordering Lunches:
Please print on a brown paper bag or special purpose recyclable and washable bag (available through the school), your child's name, room number, the lunch order and amount enclosed in the bag.

Special Days at the Canteen:
Occasionally a special lunch day is offered for example Footy Day.

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