The Victorian Essential Learning Standards provide the guidelines for teachers and describe what is essential for all students to achieve from Prep – Year 10 in Victorian schools.  The learning standards are based on best practice in Victorian schools, national and international research and provide the means for schools to use current educational thinking to better prepare students for success at school and beyond.

The Ivanhoe East Primary School Mathematics program is underpinned by the philosophy that all students can achieve success in Mathematics, given enough time and support.  It includes core curriculum content and provides teachers with a consistent language to be used throughout year levels, ensuring that student learning in Mathematics is developmentally appropriate, sequential and based on current best practice and research.

At Ivanhoe East, we believe that the ability to use mathematical skills and processes with confidence, purpose and enjoyment in a wide range of contexts prepares our students to become active, global citizens, who contribute effectively to political, social and cultural life and are informed citizens.

The Ivanhoe East Primary School Mathematics program aims to develop in students:

•    the ability to use skills, concepts and processes in order to deal confidently and competently with Mathematics in daily life and further study;
•    the ability to interpret and communicate quantitative and logical ideas accurately;
•    the opportunity to engage in varied learning experiences with an emphasis on open-ended tasks;
•    the ability to reflect on their understanding and learning; and
•    the ability to feel empowered to discuss, explain and justify their choices of strategies and procedures when working mathematically.

Mathematical reasoning and thinking underpins all aspects of school mathematics, including problem posing, problem solving, investigation and modelling.  Computation and proof are essential and complementary aspects of Mathematics that enable students to develop thinking skills directed toward explaining, understanding and using mathematical concepts, structures and objects.


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