Integrated Curriculum


An Integrated curriculum is one in which a range of key learning areas are addressed at the same time. This allows students to see the links between learning areas and use a variety of skills and knowledge when working on tasks. For example, a unit of work may have a science focus however students will also need to learn about scientific literacy, use team work skills, reflect on their learning (personal learning) and record data using mathematical knowledge and technological skills.

Integrated Units are developed to link areas of the curriculum into meaningful and manageable units of work. These units are planned across a two year cycle (except for Prep which is a one year program) and are regularly evaluated and refined in response to the needs of our learners and the world in which they live. Thinking skills form a significant component of all our teaching and learning programs.

There are important recurring concepts throughout the curriculum at different year levels and these are known as through lines. For example, knowledge and skills related to the environment and sustainability can be found throughout the curriculum at all levels. 


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