Home Learning

Parents often wish to actively participate as partners in the process of providing worthwhile educational experiences. Home learning is seen as an opportunity for such an experience. Generally real learning occurs when students are motivated to work on their own initiative, rather than having tasks imposed. This form of self-motivated activity is to be encouraged.
The purpose of school-related activities pursued at home (home learning) is to complement classroom learning, foster home-study habits and provide an opportunity for students to be responsible for their learning.

Home learning may include:
·    Reading
·    Reinforcing acquired skills and knowledge
·    Working on projects
·    Adding to class diaries
·    Extending class work by gathering additional information
·    Completing unfinished work
·    Investigating, exploring and making observations.

Set home learning should:
·    Not exceed 30 minutes daily
·    Be meaningful and relevant
·    Be related to the individual child's needs and abilities
·    Be an integral part of the classroom program
·    Be returned to school by the stipulated day

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