Curriculum Overview/Philosophy

The school’s purpose is to provide students with the skills required for life-long learning. The staff concurs that through embedding the concept of responsible learners in teaching and learning, a thinking culture within the school and the school community will evolve. The essence of this purpose relies on teachers accepting that to achieve their maximum potential, students need to learn “how” to learn, not what to learn. ‘The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.’ Marcel Proust

Ivanhoe East Primary School will be a vibrant educational community where exemplary practices flourish and where students are empowered to take responsibility for their learning. This will prepare them to confidently take their place as citizens of the world.

Ivanhoe East Primary School’s mission is to provide a nurturing environment where each person is encouraged, motivated and inspired through rich and challenging learning opportunities so that they develop their full potential and look confidently to the future.

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